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Lace Big Laundry Basket 63L

Product ID: TP8000

Keep your clean space uninterrupted by the soiled odor of dirty clothes with Tuffex laundry baskets that come in superb styles and a variety of capacities to cater to your needs. This Lace laundry basket is made of quality and safe plastic from Turkey in the form of a lace open-weave that has holes for air ventilation. IDEAL for family use in the Laundry Room, Bedroom or Bathroom. It helps you organize your clothes in a stylish way. The rectangular shape makes the basket easy to fit in the corner of the house without occupying much space. Extremely durable and light, these fashionable laundry baskets act as decorative pieces that will complement the interior of any room.
Product capacity 63L and dimensions are 35cm X 45.5cm X 56cm

Capacity / Size :

63 Ltr